National Geothermal Data System (NGDS) Atlas

This National Geothermal Data System (NGDS) Atlas conveys the nature, quality and quantity of geothermal-related data available for all 50 U.S. states through the NGDS Catalog. Catalog data, summarized below, are exposed, discoverable, retrievable, and free.

The NGDS catalog exposes over 10 million data records and will grow as our contributors from industry, state surveys, and Department of Energy funded repositories continue to collect and add data. The Atlas illustrates the breadth and diversity of NGDS holdings, which range broadly from legacy data PDF documents to Excel data tables, to geologic map services, to well log data, to geochemical analyses.

Each U.S. State is portrayed in the Atlas in a page, or two, which includes a succinct summary of that state’s contribution to the NGDS Catalog and an at-a-glance data wheel to characterize the types and volumes of data available.

Major NGDS Data Categories (approximate number of records)

  • Aqueous chemistry—water chemistry parameters (~387,800)
  • Borehole lithology—intervals and intercepts (~2 million) 
  • Borehole temperatures—down-hole temperature values (~538,800)
  • Direct use & heat pump facilities (~14,000)
  • Geochemistry—major- & trace-element analyses (~53,800)
  • Geologic maps (~6,300 w/ ~815,600 geologic features)
  • Southern Methodist University (~3 million geothermal data records)
  • Water wells—supply, monitoring & irrigation (~520,000)
  • Web Map Services—access to digital maps
  • Well headers—location and elevation of wells (~1.85 million) 
  • Well logs—geophysical logs (~666,800)


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Pages from the NGDS Atlas